Sunday, July 14, 2019

Phase 1 German force completed.

Here is the completed Bolt Action German force in 1/72nd scale. They cost a total of £30 buying individual sprues from eBay, and that includes postage to Spain! They consist of 3 infantry squads, mortar team, medium machine gun team, panzershreck team, command team, a late model StuG III and a half track for reconnaissance or infantry support.

This is my first experience of plastic 1/72nd scale figures for probably at least two decades, so what's my verdict? Well firstly of course they represent great value, enabling one to get into different periods on a budget. The figures are slightly 'soft' on detail in my opinion, these are all by Plastic Model Soldier Company. Having said that I have seen some amazing examples in this scale by HaT industrie with detail to match even the best 28mm plastic figures. For this project though I will happily stick with PMSC and the next army will be on order this week, still trying to decide if it's to be British or American although I can see a lot of future mileage in this project, I have long wanted to build an early French army for example.

The figures have been quickly painted, undercoated with Vallejo Black -Grey and then picked out. I ran out of German Field Grey so went with a simple London Grey highlight for the time being, at typical gaming distance they look OK. Future Germans will include camouflage smocks to mix things up a bit. I tried a couple of head swaps to add caps and the bareheaded commander with blonde hair to make him stand out, very easy to do.

I tweaked the basing a bit more, using flat brown highlighted with beige brown and military Green highlighted with deep yellow. I took time building up the filler/PVA mix to get a bit of texture.

So, German force for Bolt Action, not pointed them up yet but a good selection of infantry with plenty of firepower including light machine guns within each squad and a tripod mounted MMG for that pinning fire, supported by a StuG in classic role and a half track.

Pictures appear a little on the light side here.


  1. A really nice looking force. As you say, for £30, you can't go wrong.

  2. Cheers Norm, I'm pleased with them. Just ordered a matching US force for another £30! Again single sprues, much cheaper than buying entire boxes if you only want small forces to begin with.